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Preparation for your appointment

Come tour the Happy Hippo facility, meet the teachers, discuss the program, and see whether we are a good fit for your child. Tours are available from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Mon through Friday. Photographs of the facility and answers to common questions are available. Forms are available online. Please call the main line at 714.491.9005 to make special arrangements.

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“My daughter has started in Happy Hippo just last week. Being used to just staying with me throughout the day, we expected her to be agitated during her first week...but contrary to our expectations, our daughter was having a great time in school! Happy hippo gives us an outline/schedule of the activities they will have for the whole month. I inform my daughter about this, which makes her more eager to come to school and participate in the scheduled activity for the day. Having the app called HiMama is also a big help. Through this, we are able to see the activities for the day of our children through the pictures posted in the site. I can say that Happy Hippo is indeed a good school for young learners, and I am looking forward to seeing more developments and hearing for fascinating stories from our daughter in the coming days...”

A. Joy


“If there were more stars to rate this school would have selected the maximum. So to start with me and my daughter's experience with Happy Hippo Pre school is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, JOYFUL, LOVELY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, a beautiful memory to cherish all my life..... This is the first time I introduced my daughter to a more disciplined environment and I was really nervous (more as compared to her). She started coming to Happy Hippo when she turned 3 and she just absolutely loved it. I still remember on her third day to school she was so excited to go to her school and when we reached she went to her teacher and didn't turned back to see me to check if I am there or gone and by this I was so satisfied that my daughter is in correct place and in correct hands. I love the energy level of all the teachers who works at this place, the way teachers gets involved with all the kids is amazing. With in a months I saw so many things that my daughter learnt from this place and the way she gets involve in is worth mentioning and all she learned was from her pre school. I am so happy to mention the names of all the teachers my daughter get to learn these beautiful things Ms Cindy, Ms Priscilla and off course Ms Singh these are amazing teachers. So Ms Cindy is her teacher and ever week I see and gets amazed how much she is learning from her Teacher Ms Cindy. She is am amazing teacher and an amazing person as well. She is so calm, very active and take care of all the small details of all the kids and tell the parents about the beautiful things kids do in the school. I am sure this makes all parents very happy same like me. My daughter stays here full day so after her nap time she spend her time with Ms Singh. I should say she is so so so energetic person, never gets tired, very active and such a beautiful friendly person.She takes care of all the kids so well, gets involve with them in there games, keep all the kids happy and involved. She is amazing. Ms Priscilla, the best thing I like about her is she always talk with a beautiful smile and gets involve with kids so well. I always meet her in the morning and its feels so good to talk to such a nice n happy person. I strongly recommend this school for all the parents because this place is an amazing place for these small angels to learn and get ready with all the knowledge before they land to kinder garden.”


S. Reena, Parent